The Stunning and Elegant Akribos Watches

If you are in the market for a luxurious watch for a special man or woman in your life or for you yourself, you should definitely check out Akribos watches.  The Akribos brand was born during a time when the Swiss watchmakers were getting high acclaim for their beautiful timepieces and superior internal mechanisms.  The word Akribos means ‘precise’ or ‘accurate’ in Greek, but rest assured, these are Swiss timepieces.  The following information will tell you why Akribos watches are so unique, introduce you to two lines of Akribos watches and will give you a bit of insight into some Akribos watches reviews.

Why Akribos Watches?

Akribos watches for men are well designed and they are more affordable than other watches with bright and vibrant designs.  For the consumer who truly wishes to make a statement with their watch without breaking the bank, or the consumer who wishes to purchase a gift of a beautiful expensive looking watch for their loved one, friend or colleague, Akribos watches are an excellent choice.

Akribos Skeleton Watches

Akribos Skeleton black watches are truly unique.  Their designs are virtually see-through so that you can actually view the inner mechanisms of the watch as they are keeping time.  This is something that is almost virtually unheard of in the watchmaking industry, as most watchmakers carefully guard the secrets as to what is actually going on beneath the watch face.  Akribos has literally taken the locks off the doors and allows consumers the chance to watch their watch, quite literally.

Akribos XXIV Watches

Akribos XXIV watches are not designed for the consumer who wishes their watch to blend in with their outfit.  Rather, these watches are designed to stand out and to truly make a statement.  Akribos XXIV watches are eye-catching and sport original designs that are truly innovative while still maintaining a high standard of excellence for accuracy in timekeeping.  The Akribos brand prides itself on keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and design so they can provide consumers with watches that are as cutting edge as possible, all while maintaining the excellence of Swiss timepieces.

Akribos Watches Consumer Reviews

There are not so many negative Akribos watches reviews.  One negative Akribos watches review states simply that the watch was not conservative enough for the buyer’s taste.  Another negative Akribos watches review is written by a woman who purchased an Akribos watch as a gift, who states that the watch was ‘too large’ for the intended recipient’s hand.

These concerns are easy to address – Akribos watches are not intended for those who wish for small, conservative or modest looking timepieces.  Rather, Akribos watches are designed to stand out from the crowd.  There are some more tame models available within the Akribos brand as a whole, but they are definitely the minority.

As you can see, Akribos is a brand that continues to push the envelope in watch design.  It is likely that their next iteration of watches will be even more amazing and innovative than the last!  Akribos watches are available for both men and women.  If you are in the market for a new watch, you should definitely consider the Akribos brand.  You will be glad you did!